Welcome to Perth Zoo

A modern zoo is a complex business. We have tiers of planning to help us fulfil our vision and purpose and ensure that we are living up to our values to the highest standard.

Our Vision
To be Western Australia’s journey into the natural world.
Conservation leadership. Community connection. Collective impact.

Our Purpose  Empowering a future where wildlife and humanity thrive together.

Our Values  We lead with integrity | We are curious and brave | We empower action | We are stronger together

Strategic Plan and Charters

Charters, plans and strategies developed through cooperation between staff, stakeholders and government help keep us on track to deliver on our promises.

Perth Zoo's Strategic Plan (PDF)

Perth Zoo's Customer Service Charter (PDF)

Perth Zoo's Animal Welfare Charter (PDF)

The Zoo that moves with you

The Perth Zoo Master Plan has been developed to create more magical wildlife moments for you while giving our animals more room to roam. It is based on cutting edge design and innovative concepts used at international zoos which will allow you to delve further into our world than ever before. It will ensure Perth Zoo continues to be a world-class zoo, now, and into the future. 

Perth Zoo is a world leading conservation zoo, but it is vital that we don’t stand still. That’s why we've developed this master plan to create your future zoo, a zoo that moves with you.

This is a long-term plan for our special Zoo site in South Perth, and will guide what happens here for 20 years. Perth Zoo is a sanctuary, a school, a wildlife dating agency, a nursery, a hospital, scientific institution and your local wilderness. We want to create new experiences to share this with you.
We're excited about moving forward. We’re excited to be planning a zoo that moves with you.
Read on to learn more about our wild journey.

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