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Strategic Plan

A modern zoo is a complex business. We have tiers of planning to help us fulfil our vision and purpose and ensure that we are living up to our values to the highest standard.

Our Vision - A world where diversity of species and habitats is secure

Our Purpose - To inspire and act for wildlife conservation.

Our Values - Animal care | Environmental responsibility | Customer service

Strategic Plan and Charters

Charters, plans and strategies developed through cooperation between staff, stakeholders and government help keep us on track to deliver on our promises.

The Zoo that moves with you

We’re at the beginning of planning your future zoo, a zoo that moves with you, and we want you to join us on this journey.

Post the passing of elderly Asian Elephant, Tricia, our two younger elephants will be moved to other zoos to benefit from being within a herd setting. This provides the opportunity to re-think and reinvigorate the offerings on our urban zoo site.

Our vision it to create more magical wildlife moments for you while giving our animals more room to roam. Initial ideas for Perth Zoo are based on innovative concepts already used at international zoos which would allow you to delve further into our world than ever before.

This is your zoo, so we want you to be part of our evolution. Get involved by leaving feedback on our community engagement portal.

General public feedback is now closed for review. Thank you for your thoughts on our initial ideas for the Zoo the Moves With You. As this project develops further we’ll need your help and input, we are just at the start of this journey together.

Your feedback and further research will then be used to develop a 20-year master plan.

Perth Zoo, a zoo that moves with you!