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Strategic Plan

A modern zoo is a complex business. We have tiers of planning to help us fulfil our vision and purpose and ensure that we are living up to our values to the highest standard.

Our Vision - A world where diversity of species and habitats is secure

Our Purpose - To inspire and act for wildlife conservation.

Our Values - Animal care | Environmental responsibility | Customer service

Strategic Plan and Charters

Charters, plans and strategies developed through cooperation between staff, stakeholders and government help keep us on track to deliver on our promises.

Perth Zoo Master Plan

In 2004 the Hon. Dr. Judy Edwards (then Minister for the Environment), unveiled a Master Plan for Perth Zoo which would guide the Zoo and its development over the next 20 years. The plan is available to view here in either chapters (pdf) or to download as a file (4.7mb pdf).

Master Plan by Chapters

    1. Introduction

    2. A Strategic Approach to Master Plan Development

    3. Creating a World’s Best Small Zoo

    4. Whole of Zoo Planning Issues

Proposed Zoo Upgrade and Development

    5. Australian Walkabout

    6. Asian Rainforest

    7. African Savannah

    8. Main Lake, Tropical Garden, Pavilion, World of Birds, Nocturnal House and Reptile Encounter

    9. Main Lawn and Playground

    10. Zoo Entrance

    11. Café Precinct

    12. Education & Conference Rooms

    13. Environmental Management and Sustainability

    14. Horticulture

    15. Behind the Scenes Facilities

    16. Summary Development Overview

    Appendix 1 – Submissions Received

    Appendix 2 – Table of Figures



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