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Fauna-friendly Gardens

Male Splendid Fairy Wren with its bright blue feathers
Bird-friendly Gardens

Go beyond the simple bird bath by designing your whole garden with birds in mind. You’ll get a greater range of species visiting your garden for food or refuge.

Motorbike Frog at Perth Zoo
Frog-friendly Gardens

With a little planning, you can create a haven for amphibians to ensure they have somewhere appropriate and safe to eat, rest and breed.

Shingle-backed Skink Courtesy of Alex Cearns at Perth Zoo
Reptile-friendly Gardens

A few easy modifications can make your garden a refuge for some of our scaly mates…

Butterfly-friendly Garden

Take a bug’s eye view of your backyard and you’ll see endless possibilities for something new.

Native Animal Nest Boxes

Many native animals live in tree-hollows but with fewer old-growth trees available, nest boxes are proving to be a useful alternative for providing a home for wildlife.