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Do your bit for conservation by donating the cash you get back for recycling to Perth Zoo.

Rubbish and plastic pollution is one of the greatest threats to wildlife around the world. It's estimated that one million seabirds, including Little Penguins, die every year due to rubbish and plastic pollution found in our oceans and waterways. But YOU can do something about it.

Perth Zoo is participating in the Containers For Change scheme that incentivises local Western Australians to have a positive impact on the environment through recycling. And YOU can make every eligible container count by donating your recycling return to Perth Zoo and our vital conservation work.

How does it work?

It's easy! 

Step 1. Collect your eligible containers. Don't know what's eligible? Check out what you can recycle here.
Step 2. Drop your containers off at a depot, reverse vending machines (RVMs), bag drop locations or a pop-up refund point. You can find your local drop off site here.  
Step 3. Provide Perth Zoo scheme ID: C10277425 or scan the barcode below. This will ensure your returned containers are helping Perth Zoo safe wildlife!
Step 4. Pat yourself on the back (you deserve it!)

containers for change poster

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