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What will your legacy be?

Will your greatest gift be a future where all wildlife species are secure around the world?

At Perth Zoo we share your dream for this future – and believe it’s possible if we work together.

For over a century Perth Zoo has been hands-on in wildlife conservation, at home and beyond our borders. Just as important, it has been a place where memories are made by connecting people to wildlife. 

One simple vision inspires and directs our work – a world where diversity of species and habitats is secure.
By choosing to leave a Gift in your Will to Perth Zoo of any size, your legacy will be to help create a safe and secure future for the wildlife you love. You’ll also ensure thousands more memories of animals for future generations. 

Tricia's Heritage Herd

Tricia the Asian Elephant was a beloved part of thousands of families creating lasting memories at Perth Zoo for almost 60 years. As well as being a favourite of visitors, Tricia unknowingly became a conservation ambassador.

You can carry on her legacy by becoming a member of Tricia’s Heritage Herd. Your decision to make a gift in your Will to Perth Zoo can have a meaningful impact on animals, both in our care and in the wild.

As a member of Tricia’s Heritage Herd, you will help ensure our precious wildlife is safe, and help create lasting memories for generations. 

Thank you for caring for tomorrow’s world – and loving wildlife. 

Download Perth Zoo’s Gift in Will guide to find out more about Tricia’s Heritage Herd and leaving a gift in your Will.
Gift in Will Guide (PDF)
If you have any questions or would like to advise us of your decision, please contact us for a confidential discussion .
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