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Home is where the herd is. 

Our friends at Monarto Safari Park in South Australia have announced a fundraising campaign to establish a new elephant habitat, where it's hoped Permai and Putra Mas will be founding herd members!
You might remember, in 2018 we first announced our two elephants would be rehomed following the passing of matriarch Tricia. 

That's because our female Permai needs to be living with other female elephants, and while our keepers provide exemplary love and care, our South Perth site can't accomodate a functioning herd with multiple individuals. 

The new habitat at Monarto Safari Park will be 15 hectares, giving the elephants more room to roam. In the medium future, Monarto Safari Park could become home to up to five elephants! 

It is expected Permai and Putra Mas will be joined by Auckland Zoo's elephant, Burma, who will also make the move once the facilities are complete. 

We are thrilled Monarto Safari park are keen to create this new Asian Elephant herd and make this jumbo-sized dream come true.

We love our elephants and that’s why we’re putting their needs first. 

Elephants have social structure needs that Permai has been missing since her best friend Tricia passed away. 

We know the WA community cares about Permai and Putra Mas as much as we do. While we will  miss them, we know this is best for their welfare.

Our animal experts have been meticulously searching for a place that can provide opportunity for the proper herd structure needed and plenty of room to roam.

Moving elephants is a mammoth operation and it won’t happen overnight, so you still have plenty of time to visit your elephant friends!

Creating a new herd in South Australia supports the long-term sustainability of the regional elephant conservation program.
It will enable more people to experience elephants and learn about them, to support the vital work we do to protect the species and ensure they remain for future generations.


+ How and when will the elephants move?

+ How safe will it be to transport the elephants? Will they be OK?

+ Can’t WA build an open-range zoo and move our elephants there?

+ Why are you removing elephants from Perth?

+ Why has it taken so long to find homes for Permai and Putra Mas?

+ What happens if Zoos SA can’t raise enough money?

+ What will be put in the exhibit that the elephants vacate?

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