Welcome to Perth Zoo

We are entrusting you with the survival of an entire species! You are transporting the last known members of an endangered turtle species high above the jungle when your plane crash-lands.

Your team of zoologists and the turtles all get out okay but you need to work together to survive the jungle and keep the rare turtles alive! Teams will face a series of games and challenges (real and simulated) that require effective communication, collaboration and initiative, including:

  • traversing a terrifyingly treacherous river armed only with your tenacity and your turtles;
  • negotiating your Numbat’s nibble as you navigate through a narrow niche;
  • tackling the tangle of tasks that could translate to triumph; and
  • showcasing your sharing to shape the shelter that will shield you from the shadows.       

You won’t be disappointed with Perth Zoo’s premium team building package and, most importantly, your participants will experience an animal encounter ensuring it will be a day to remember.

In Short

Works best: as an integral part of a full-day corporate training/development, or paired with a half-day booking or corporate picnic.

Team Size: Minimum of 10 people

Boost: Trust, commitment, team building, effective communication, initiative utilisation and collaboration

Bonus: Learn about Zoo facts and conservation

Time Required: 2.5 hours

Cost: $99 per person (includes Zoo admission)

Availability: Monday - Friday

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