Welcome to Perth Zoo

Come for a great day out and join our enquiry-based learning programs to dig down into the more complex aspects of adaptation, classification, process of threat and biodiversity.

The Fantastic Beasts

Hierarchical systems and naming conventions are used to discover more about a selection of fantastic beasts. Explore the concept of taxonomic classification and how other types of classification such as diet and conservation status are essential in organising and caring for animals.

Suitable for Year 7 students. Cost: $14.85 per student.

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Sunset Safari

Explore the Zoo at twilight! Go behind-the-scenes and get an insight into what happens at the Zoo after hours. Engage in an interactive conservation game, create enrichment for the animals and explore the African Savannah at twilight!

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Teaming with Wildlife

A unique and fun way to strengthen leadership, confidence and teamwork with your students in a safe and inspiring environment. Students to get to know each other through a shared series of challenges focusing on confidence, communication, cooperation, problem solving, decision-making and – of course – conservation.

Suitable for Year 7-10 students. Cost: $17.20 per student.

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