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Celebrate the end of the school year Zoo style.

Tracks and Traces
Years  K – 4
Cost  $15
Like a true wildlife detective, join us at Zoo Fest to follow the clues to learn all about the tracks and traces that animals leave. Using all of their senses, students will explore the many different things that can be found in nature that guide us to understand who lives where!

Professor Poop will entertain the students in a 30 minute show before sending them on their way to explore the Zoo following a ‘cracking’ trail to find evidence of animals. A 30 minute session in the WildZone will excite the kids to explore their local area for tracks and traces of native species.  
Tuesday 24 November
Wednesday 25 November
Thursday 26 November
Wednesday 2 December
Friday 4 December

Tracks, Traces and Team Players!
Years 5 & 6
Cost - $17
Bring your older students along to Zoo Fest team building fun! Through a series of activities and games, students will not only become more attune to evidence in nature that tells about resident animals in the wild, but also how it takes a team to save wildlife.
Friday 27 November
Tuesday 1 December
Thursday 3 December

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