Welcome to Perth Zoo

Especially for littlies (2-5 years), this fun and interactive early childhood program takes them on a journey through the Zoo learning about their favourite animals. 

We can't wait to see you and your little one for A to Zoo! Things are a little different this term, so please be sure to read the details below. 

Please check the confirmation email sent to you at the time of booking to ensure that you are aware of which day and class you are attending. 

Important information

Where to meet

To accommodate social distancing and space requirements, A to Zoo will be running out of the Homestead Barn and the Homestead House, which are located next to each other.

Check out our map.


Please have your membership card ready to show at the main entrance.

Not a member? Convert your entry ticket to a membership or purchase a membership here.

Keep chitter chatter to a minimum

Noise from talking adults can be distracting for little ones that are eager to learn.

Please keep adult conversation to a minimum and enjoy catching up with friends after the session finishes.

Parent/guardian supervision is required

Please note, that only one supervising parent or guardian can attend the A to Zoo session each week and older siblings will not be able to attend. 

If you need to settle a younger sibling, or if your phone rings mid-session please feel free to step outside momentarily.

A Perth Zoo volunteer is there to assist children though the session as required. 

Seating arrangements

Little ones are encouraged to sit on the mat in front of the teacher however, we understand that not all kids are comfortable with that – especially at the start of the term.

If your child wants to sit with you, that is fine and if you want to sit on the mat with them that is great too. Please just be mindful of blocking other children from seeing the teacher. 

You're more than welcome to bring a blanket to sit on the floor with your child.

Keep it moving

When it's time to walk to see the animal of the week, please gather your belongings quickly so the group can leave together.

Kids are welcome to walk at the front with the A to Zoo teacher or walk with you/sit in the pram. 

Come with full bellies

Please make sure little bellies are full on arrival.

To keep everyone clean and safe, food is not permitted during the lesson (baby siblings excepted of course).  

Your session is non-transferrable

We are unable to swap days/times and no extra sessions are possible should you miss a session.

If your child or guardian is unwell, please stay at home. We have some great online Zoo activities that your little one can do at home, should you miss a class. 

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