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Technology is a powerful conservation tool. Here are two apps that will let you make a difference right from your phone or tablet!

Wildlife Witness

Easily report wildlife trade when you see it and let the experts determine if it’s legit or not!
The Wildlife Witness smartphone app uses crowd-sourcing technology to turn every tourist and local into a wildlife ranger. Take a photo of wildlife you see in markets or tourist spots, pin your exact location and send this valuable information to TRAFFIC (the people who regulate wildlife trade and police and prosecute breaches). The more information they have, the better. It means that something that doesn’t sit right with you can be reviewed by experts who can mobilise investigation if they need to.

Download the Wildlife Witness app from the iTunes App Store or the Google Play App Store and help detect and deter illegal wildlife trade.

Learn more about Wildlife Witness.

Biodiversity is Us

How will you score on the Biodiversity quiz?
Discover 400 animal species from around the world, learn more about how zoos and aquariums are taking action for biodiversity, ace the biodiversity quiz and find out a heap of things you can do to help save wildlife and protect biodiversity.

Download the Biodiversity is Us smartphone app via the iTunes App Store.

Learn more about Biodiversity is Us.

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