Welcome to Perth Zoo

Perth Zoo is rich with the sights, sounds and smells of nature and set in a tranquil, fully-enclosed environment. This makes it an enriching, safe and accessible outing for visitors with a range of disabilities.

Carers/Companions Free

Perth Zoo welcomes and accepts the national Companion Card. We offer no-cost admission to a carer/companion of an individual with a Companion Card.

  • Schools and respite centres who wish to have their carers enter free should bring a letter (on official letterhead) identifying the names of the carers and the date of the organisation’s visit. Individual carers should then produce identification confirming that they belong to the appropriate organisation.
  • Organisational cards such as Carers WA, Carers Australia, and Identity WA are not automatically accepted.
  • Find out how to apply for a Companion Card (opens external site).
Accessibility Map

This free, symbol-based map groups our facilities into audio-visual, tactile/interactive, sensory/olfactory, tranquil/rest areas, and aural/keeper talks, so that people with a range of needs can plan their visit. It also shows ACROD parking, doors and inclines.

Download the Perth Zoo Accessibility Map (PDF).

Autism WA

You can use this social story to assist with your visit to Perth Zoo. This story seeks to provide the child with information and answers to key questions:

  • What is happening?
  • Who is doing what?
  • Why is it happening?
  • What are the reasons or ‘rules’ that govern what people are doing?
  • What are the typical socially acceptable responses for the individual in the specific situation?

Click here to download – Social Story Going to the Zoo

Children's Playground 

A playground where children with and without disability can play together.

We’ve used local, natural materials to create individually designed art-forms, tunnels, streams and sculptures that stimulate every sense. Textures are varied, scents are rich, sounds are natural. The playground is shaded and central to the rest of the Zoo with accessible toilet facilities, drinking fountain, BBQ and picnic tables immediately adjacent.

Mobility-friendly Drinking Fountains and Lockers

All the drinking fountains in Perth Zoo are especially designed to be accessed by children or those using a wheelchair/scooter. Featuring beautiful mosaics on natural themes designed by local school children, they provide much more than just a refreshing drink. Our lockers are easily accessed too.

Soundscapes and Audio Devices

Perth Zoo has multiple examples of audio devices that provide immersive and engaging soundscapes to animal exhibits. The daily keeper presentations are amplified and provide 10-15 minute’s worth of animal information accompanied by visual aspects.

Hands-on Activities 

Some exhibits feature tactile elements to help interpret the species. Life-size statues of a gorilla, kangaroo, Sun Bear, Perentie, orangutan, otter and Galapagos Tortoise can be fully explored by children with vision impairments. The Jungle School (orangutan) visitor experience is full of tactile activities for children of all ages. Zoo HQ offers a highly interactive exploration of the behind-the-scenes aspects of running a zoo.

Assistance Animal Access

We welcome assistance animals. Some areas of Perth Zoo (eg: walk-in or free ranging exhibits) may be off limits to assistance animals due to health or behavioural risks posed to animals in our collection.

A request to visit with an assistance animal must be made in writing prior to the planned visit. Please send your written request to visitor.services@perthzoo.wa.gov.au. We may refuse access if the animal presents with signs of infectious disease or behaviours that could endanger our animals or other visitors.

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