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One of Africa’s most misunderstood predators is facing extinction due to the actions of humans.

With less than 6000 African Painted Dogs in the wild, there is a real risk of this species going extinct in our lifetime. Perth Zoo takes part in breeding programs to provide an insurance against extinction. Zoo breeding programs have never been more important and the birth of these puppies helps put their species a step further away from extinction.

When older, it is likely some of the pups will move to other zoos throughout Australia to share their genetics and partake in the regional breeding program to continue the survival of the species.

How can you help Perth Zoo save African Painted Dogs? 

We're committed to protecting African Painted Dogs in the wild by supporting wildlife NGO, Painted Dog Conservation Inc. Monies raised at Perth Zoo help fund an anti-poaching patrol unit and snare removal from the African landscape which causes the painful deaths of many Painted Dogs.

Since 2008, community donations have helped Perth Zoo fund projects run by Painted Dog Conservation Inc.

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

This education outreach program in South Luangwa National Park teaches local children about wildlife, the environment, and how to conserve it.

Students assist the Zambia Carnivore Programme with research in the national park.  A large number of former students now have careers in wildlife, conservation, teaching or tourism and have become the decision makers of the young generation within local community. Involving six local schools, it has been the recipient of one national award and three international awards.

Conservation South Luangwa

Zambia’s renowned Luangwa Valley holds one of the country’s largest painted dog populations, in spite of increasing pressure from human encroachment and wire snaring.

The Anit-Poaching Unit supports veterinary wildlife rescue operations to reduce the loss of painted dogs from snares. The team manages aerial monitoring and coordination of ground patrols, aerial surveillance of Painted Dog populations and their habitat and monitoring of poaching.

Despite the increase in wire snaring, the painted dog anti-snaring team has ensured that painted dog home ranges are largely secured.

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Your donation will help save wildlife locally and globally and create a better zoo.
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