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African Painted Dog Project

One of Africa’s most misunderstood predators is facing extinction due to the actions of humans.

How can you help Perth Zoo save African Painted Dogs? 

Since 2008, community donations have helped Perth Zoo fund projects run by Painted Dog Conservation Inc.

Chipembele Wildlife Education Trust

This education outreach program in South Luangwa National Park teaches local children about wildlife, the environment, and how to conserve it.

Students assist the Zambia Carnivore Programme with research in the national park.  A large number of former students now have careers in wildlife, conservation, teaching or tourism and have become the decision makers of the young generation within local community. Involving six local schools, it has been the recipient of one national award and three international awards.

Anti-poaching Units

Zambia’s renowned Luangwa Valley holds one of the country’s largest painted dog populations, in spite of increasing pressure from human encroachment and consumption of bush meat obtained primarily through wire snaring.

The unit supports veterinary wildlife rescue operations to reduce the loss of painted dogs from snares. The team manages aerial monitoring and coordination of ground patrols, aerial surveillance of Painted Dog populations and their habitat and monitoring of poaching.

Despite the increase in wire snaring, the painted dog anti-snaring team has ensured that painted dog home ranges are largely secured.

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

100% of your tax deductible donation will help protect wildlife as Perth Zoo covers all donation administration costs.

$30 – buys a pair of boots for a member of the Anti-Poaching Unit

$60 – buys a field uniform for a member of the Anti-Poaching Unit

$120 – buys a field kit (clothes and sleeping bag) for a member of the Anti-Poaching Unit

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