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This bird has an eerie night cry, totally at odds with the happy little bird that issues it.

Description: The Bush Stone-curlew has dark brown feathers streaked with black and reddish-brown on top and white with clear black streaks underneath. They have a striking yellow eye with a bold white eyebrow and a small black beak.

Diet: The Bush Stone-curlew is an omnivore and eats insects, molluscs, lizards and seeds.

In the wild: When this bird is breeding or incubating eggs, they search for food close to the nest. At other times they search over vast distances. The female lays her eggs in a small scrape in the ground.

Threats: Habitat destruction is a threat to these birds as well as introduced predators such as foxes and cats.

Saving Wildlife Together: With your support we can continue our work in partnership with the Department of Parks and Wildlife to reintroduce bush stone-curlew in to urban Perth reserves.

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At Perth Zoo: The Bush Stone-curlew can be found at the Cockatoo exhibit in the Australian Bushwalk.

Did you Know?

These birds are mostly nocturnal and let out an eerie wailing call at night.

Australian Bushwalk
Scientific Name
Burhinus grallarius
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Body Length
50-60 cm
625-670 g
About 30 days
Number of Eggs
Open woodland and scrubland
extraMile by Integranet