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This dangerous brown snake is slightly less venomous that its eastern counterparts and much less aggressive.

Description: Dugites are venomous snakes. They vary in colour from grey to olive to brown on the top of their bodies, with an olive or yellowish belly. Black scales can be scattered over the body and the head can be paler or darker than the rest of the body. Young dugites have black heads.

Diet: Dugites are carnivores. Before human settlement they mostly ate other reptiles, such as lizards and snakes. Since then they have adapted well to eating mice and rats.

In the wild: They may be found sheltering beneath logs or rocks or living in abandoned burrows or hollow logs. When disturbed, Dugites are very shy and will often slither away, however, they will defend themselves if cornered.

The main natural predators of Dugites are birds of prey and monitor lizards. Introduced animals such as cats and dogs also attack Dugites.

Did you Know?

The Dugite is not very aggressive. A member of the brown snake family, the Dugite is nowhere near as venomous as its cousin, the Eastern Brown Snake.

Australian Reptile Encounter
Other Name/s
Dobitj (Nyoongar)
Scientific Name
Pseudonaja affinis
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Body Length
up to 2 m
up to 1.5 kg
65 – 90 days
Number of Eggs
Southern Western Australia and western coastal South Australia
All habitats
extraMile by Integranet