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This bird will only nest in a hollow set higher than 15 m from the river's edge. Anywhere else just doesn't cut it.

Description: This slim parrot has a bright, olive green body, wings and tail, with yellow and sometimes orange underparts. Its wings have a narrow two-toned deep blue and light blue band stretching from the shoulder to margins of flight feathers, and a similarly coloured horizontal frontal band linking its eyes.

Diet: Elegant Parrots are herbivores and eat seeds of grasses and herbaceous plants.

In the wild: The Elegant Parrot breeds and nests from August through to December. The female incubates the eggs, leaving the nest several times a day to feed with the male. The male feeds and cares for the young until they fledge at around 4 weeks of age. Outside of breeding season, these birds feed on the ground in groups. While feeding on the ground, they make soft twitters. When in flight they emit a sharp ‘zwit, zwit, zwit’ call.

Threats: Once scarce, the Elegant Parrot has greatly increased its range and numbers as grasslands and wheat fields have become common.

Did you Know?

Elegant Parrots can fly so high they’re out of sight and can drop straight down from a considerable height.

Birds of the South-west
Other Name/s
Koolyidarang (Nyoongar)
Scientific Name
Neophema elegans
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Body Length
22-23 cn
18-19 days
Number of Eggs
Woodlands, open forests and highly timbered grasslands
extraMile by Integranet