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With a spectacular moustache like the last Kaiser of Germany, no wonder this tamarin earned the name 'emperor'.

Description: Emperor Tamarins have a speckled brown body and orange tail that is 39–42 cm long. Both females and males have a distinctive white, curly moustache. Tamarins have claw-like nails called tegulae which help them to climb.

Diet: Tamarins are omnivores. During the wet season they feed on fruit and during the dry season, feed on flowers, nectar and tree sap. They eat insects all year round.

In the wild: Emperor Tamarins are completely arboreal (live in the trees) and form mixed troops, often travelling with other related tamarin species. They almost always have two offspring and the father carries them when they are not feeding from the mother.

Threats: Tamarins are threatened by habitat destruction caused by logging.

Did you Know?

Emperor Tamarins were named after Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany (1888-1918) who had a long, walrus moustache.

Primate Trail
Scientific Name
Saguinus imperator
Conservation Status
Least Concern
Body Length
23–26 cm
220–900 g
140–145 days
Number of Young
The Amazon, South America
Lowland forest
South America

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