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Finding this stealthy reptile is no easy feat!

Description: Pebble-mimic Dragons have a round body that resembles a stone. They have a narrow neck and a triangular head with a pointed snout. The body is covered in small spines, and the black and white tail resembles a dead twig. They are bright reddish-brown with some lighter and darker bands. The head is short and deep, with the neck narrower than the head.

Diet: These dragons are insectivores.

In the wild: They bask on elevated perches such as dead wood or stone, sheltering in shallow burrows and depressions. They rely on camouflage to remain hidden from predators. They tend to defend their territories, viewing from vantage points such as rocks and termite mounds.

Threats: Land clearing has resulted in habitat loss for this lizard. Feral animals such as cats and foxes also present a threat to Australian reptiles. They are also a target for the illegal pet trade.

Did you Know?

These stealthy lizards remain motionless if seen, relying on their excellent camouflage to stay safe. Can you spot them?

Australian Reptile Encounter
Other Name/s
Blotched-tailed Earless Dragon
Scientific Name
Tympanocryptis cephalus
Conservation Status
Not Evaluated
Body Length
Up to 15 cm
Number of Eggs
Central and northern Australia
Grasslands and arid areas
extraMile by Integranet