The health check of Perth Zoo’s six African Painted puppies not only confirmed their paws-itively adorable status but also their gender!

At just over two-months old, the young pups were given their first hands-on health check by the Perth Zoo vet team. They were each individually medically assessed, weighed, vaccinated just like domestic dogs and their gender was revealed – we have five males and one female!

African Painted Dogs are endangered and considered the most persecuted large carnivore in Africa. With wild populations continuing to be threatened by poachers, habitat destruction and human wildlife conflict – the six young pups at Perth Zoo are important additions to a struggling species.

The curious puppies have recently started to explore beyond their birthing den and are getting up to some seriously adorable puppy antics - so be sure to head to the African Savannah on your next trip to the Zoo to get a glimpse!

YOU can help save this species from extinction.