Have you lost that loving feeling? Let these adorable animal couples restore your faith in love. 

1.    Asian Small-clawed Otters

Asian Small-clawed Otters aren’t only otterly cute but they’re also utterly loyal. These romantic little critters will typically stay with one partner during their life. When his lady love gives birth, male otters will make sure she has enough food by bringing her fish while she looks after the babies. Talk about #couplegoals

Cape Porcupines

2.    Cape Porcupine

When Cape Porcupines are in love they can’t keep their quills off of each other. These couples not only mate for life but are known to have very, very regular “adult cuddle” time. 

Shingleback skink

3.    Shingleback Skink

The Shingleback Skink gives us hope for long-distance relationships. Skinks live alone for most the year but will find their partner every mating season (aww!). They also have a very short courting period of two months before they take it to the next step – there’s no taking it slow for these passionate lizards.


4.    Gibbons

It’s true what they say, the couple that grooms together stays together. When Gibbons find “the one”, the loved-up couple can often be seen laying around and grooming each other. Once the couple settles down and have babies, they also share the responsibility of raising their young! 


5.    Dingos

It’s not just puppy love for Dingos. Dingos have very strict social hierarchy, and the dominant pair will mate for life. They’re also the only ones who can breed, with the other couples in the pack helping them raise their pups.

Little Penguins

6.    Little Penguins

They might be little, but these (mostly) monogamous birds are BIG on romantic displays. Males will stand tall, flippers above his back, neck stretched with their head tilted back and make an impressive braying sound to attract their lady love.