Learn how our animals are keeping cool!

Summer is well and truly here and that means our zookeepers are busy keeping the animals cool, hydrated and refreshed. 

Hot weather enrichment is a great way to get an animal to problem-solve and practise their natural behaviours, while simultaneously cooling them down.  

With temperatures expected to continue climbing, take a look at some of our best tips and see how you can help your pets at home. 

Tasty ice blocks

An icy treat is as delicious as it is entertaining. Zookeepers regularly freeze some food into an iceblock at meal times. 

For Sun Bear, Bopha, she uses her long, curved laws to help carve away at the refreshing snack. 

At home, consider freezing a portion of your pets favourite food in water before serving. The cool snack will keep them busy for hours! 

Refreshing baths

Our Southern White Rhinos love nothing more than spending a hot summer day in a mud bath.  

Not only does this keep them cool, but the mud also acts as an insect repellent and even provides sun protection!

At home, try digging out the small shell pool to see if your furry friend wants to have a splash around.  

Cool showers

Next time you’re giving the garden a water with the hose, follow the lead of our otter keepers. 

Providing opportunities for animals to play like this provides mental stimulation and it’s adorable to watch – win win!