From marine ecosystems to land habitats, the effect of litter and rubbish on animals is monumental.

But YOU can do something about it. And the best part? Tiny changes in your daily life can make big impact!

We are working with Scouts WA to offer Containers for Change at the Zoo, so you can have a positive impact on the environment through recycling.

Keep your containers out of landfill AND make every eligible container count by donating your eligible containers (either here on site or by entering our member number at a collection point) to Perth Zoo and our vital conservation work – that’s a win win!

70% of your donation goes to our Conservation Action Program, enabling life-saving surgeries for rescued animals, supporting international and native species breeding programs to combat extinction, groundbreaking research, the outstanding care of more than 1500 animals right here at the Zoo, and so much more. The remaining 30% supports Scouts WA in their work to inspire and empower young people to reach their full potential.

Each year, Western Australians buy more than 1.45 billion 10¢ drink containers. Sadly, hundreds of millions end up as litter or in landfill.

Stop the pile-up and help protect our wildlife by recycling through Containers for Change.

How it works

  • Step 1. Collect your eligible containers. Don't know what's eligible? Check out what you can recycle here.
  • Step 2. Drop your containers off at a depot, reverse vending machines (RVMs), bag drop locations or a pop-up refund point. You can find your local drop off site here.  
  • Step 3. Provide Perth Zoo member number: C10277425 or scan the barcode below. This will ensure your returned containers are helping Perth Zoo safe wildlife!
  • Step 4. Pat yourself on the back (you deserve it!)
And don’t forget the other important R – reuse! Pack your reusable bottle and cup when you’re visiting the Zoo and take advantage of our café and free water refill stations on site.