Vets investigate a Bearcat reproductive system. 

Female Binturong Selasa had a full reproductive healthcheck to get to the bottom of some fertility mysteries. 

Eight-year old Selasa has successfully mothered four kits throughout her time living at Perth Zoo. But sadly, three of her babies in recent years were miscarried or born sleeping. 

Under general anaesthetic, vets were able to draw blood and urine samples for testing, as well as conduct ultrasounds and radiographs to examine her reproductive system. 

Ultrasounds revealed few abnormalities within her reproductive organs, though vets did notice a thickening in her uterine wall. 

Perth Zoo A/Senior Vet, Rebecca Vaughan-Higgins, said: “The ultrasounds have shown us that part of Selasa’s uterine wall is thickened, however this can also be a normal sign of a healthy cycle. 

“We have taken some tissue samples for testing and those results should help provide some insight as to why she has had some trouble in recent pregnancies. 

“Overall, we are happy that she is a healthy Binturong, so hopefully with the information we get from this testing she may have more successful pregnancies in the future.” 

Following the procedure, Selasa recovered in a warm, comfortable nest  and was monitored under the watchful eyes of our veterinary and keeping teams. 

Binturong are found throughout Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia and on Palawan Island. Unfortunately, they are vulnerable to extinction due to habitat destruction and poaching for use in traditional medicines.