It’s not just the talented musicians playing at Zoocoustics that have beautiful voices. Check out the many weird and wonderful sounds our animal friends make!



Did you know that Meerkats make at least 10 different vocalisations?! Yeah, these super chatty ‘kats’ will purr to show contentment, growl to let others know they’re not happy, and bark to raise the alarm. They’ll even make a ‘vurruk-vurruk’ sound when they’re busy searching for food.

White-cheeked Gibbons 

White-cheeked Gibbon

White-cheeked Gibbons are probably one of the most iconic musical duos of the animal world. If you’ve ever visited the Zoo first thing in the morning you may have heard them sing their morning chorus. This beautiful duet promotes bonding and marks territories. It’s the sign of a luuuurved up couple!

Javan Gibbons

Javan Gibbon

Unlike other gibbon species who enjoy singing the melody together, the Javan Gibbon does not sing ‘duets’. The female takes the lead and is the dominant solo vocalist while the male is the backup vocalist, only singing occasionally.



They don’t toot, roar or even purr. They do, however, make low frequency humming sounds. Though our mere human ears are unable to pick up their hums! 



How does a Tiger say hello? By chuffing of course! This non-threatening vocalisation is made by pushing air through their nostrils whilst keeping their mouths closed at the same time! Who knew they were ventriloquists? 

Wanting to hear some beautiful voices? Come along to Zoocoustics – Acoustic Nights at the Zoo on 20 February – you may even hear the animals joining in the chorus!