Perth Zoo is home to some famous red-heads, eight Sumatran Orangutans to be exact. They’re all individuals with such different needs and personalities (some being cheekier than others!) making them an incredible species to care for. 

Here’s just a few of the ways our passionate team of primate keepers care for the Great Apes that call Perth Zoo home.

Brush and floss those pearly whites!

It’s not just us humans who should practice good dental hygiene to keep our pearly whites and gums healthy – animals benefit from regular dental care too! 

The orangutans have been taught to present their teeth for cleaning and flossing! Through the mesh of their night quarters, the primate keepers will use natural toothpaste on individual toothbrushes to clean the orangutans’ teeth. This is done regularly to avoid major dental work such as a tooth extraction or gum disease.

Training for stress-free medical procedures

Just like us, sometimes the orangutans will need to have their blood taken or have a simple medical procedure done to ensure that they’re in tip-top shape. The primate keepers train the orangutans for certain medical procedures so that they can actively participate in the medical process – ensuring it’s a stress-free process for all involved. Win win!

Added boost with supplements

Our orangutans receive supplements for their hair and skin due to the dry Perth climate being different to Sumatra, where humidity can be 90%! 

Brain games

Daily enrichment activities are an important factor in the care for all animals at the Zoo, including the orangutans! Since orangutans are by nature highly intelligent, the daily enrichment activities they participate in allows them to flex their thinking muscles 💪🧠

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