Winging it back to the wild!

Another endangered Carnaby’s Cockatoo will have the chance to fly back to the wild thanks to the Perth Zoo vet team!
After being struck by a car, the endangered native bird was brought into Perth Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital with a nasty injury – a wing broken in two places.
This poor bird would not have survived this painful injury had it not been rescued by a local wildlife group and brought into the Zoo’s Veterinary Hospital for lifesaving treatment.
Thankfully, Perth Zoo’s incredible vet team successfully performed a surgery to give the fractures the chance to heal.
Then, the cockatoo was given the 5-star treatment in our hospital during the recovery, where he received regular bandage changes, nursing care and plenty of TLC.
Now that he’s firmly on the mend, he will soon be transferred out to a wildlife rehabilitator to help get him ready to fly back into the wild!

Perth Zoo Veterinarian, Taylor Hawkins, said: “As an endangered species, every individual animal really matters and that’s why it’s important we give these injured birds all we’ve got.
“This particular Carnaby’s Cockatoo has been healing very well since he arrived, and we hope that after rehabilitation he will be a great candidate for release back into the wild.
“On any given day, we have a number of injured wild cockatoos staying in our hospital in need of surgeries or ongoing nursing care.
“Some stay with us for weeks, so it’s incredibly rewarding for us to help them heal and send them on their way back to the wild.”
This Carnaby’s Cockatoo is one of many endangered cockatoos that come through our gates needing life-saving medical treatment.
Within this financial year, our vet team have already treated and cared for more than 200 birds. And that number is only growing!
Importantly, none of this important wildlife-saving work would be possible without YOU.
It’s with your generous support that we can pour our energy and efforts into saving cockatoos and many more wild animals brought into the hospital, who need our expertise.
Thank you for standing with us on the frontline of wildlife conservation – together we will save wildlife.