• A public competition is being hosted to find a name for Perth Zoo’s giraffe calf
  • The name must be of an African origin to reflect the species’ home range

In celebration of the birth of a healthy male giraffe calf at Perth Zoo, Western Australians are being given the opportunity to help name him.

The community can submit name suggestions, which must be of an African dialect, on the Zoo’s website. 

The healthy giraffe was born to mum Kitoto and dad Armani, as part of a regional breeding program to prevent the extinction of this majestic species.

Sadly, giraffes have suffered a 40 per cent population decline in the last 30 years, making zoo breeding efforts more important than ever before.

The competition winner will enjoy an exclusive giraffe experience and meet the zoologists who dedicate their lives to caring for the Perth giraffe herd.

To submit an entry, visit http://www.perthzoo.com.au/

Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:

“The birth of the giraffe calf at Perth Zoo is an exciting wildlife conservation achievement."

“This new Perth Zoo arrival is part of an effort by Australian and New Zealand zoos to co‑ordinate giraffe breeding to help reverse species decline."

“With fewer than 80,000 giraffes roaming the African plains, every calf born is important."

“At 19 days-old, the youngster has already raised awareness about his species."

“He’s probably our biggest WA celebrity at present. More than 3 million people have watched his adventures on the Zoo’s Facebook page, learning more about giraffes."

“But despite his fame, he doesn't have a name yet - a task I am hoping the public can help with."

“We’re looking for an African name to reflect the species origin, so get researching and tell us the meaning of the name and which African dialect it comes from."

“If you need some inspiration, the infant is slowly starting to explore beyond the giraffe nursery, so come to the Zoo, be patient, and you may catch a glimpse.”