While we humans might light some candles, cook a romantic meal and play a Barry White album to set the ultimate date night mood, creating the perfect romantic environment for critically endangered White-bellied frogs to reproduce is not as easy (sorry guys!).

Over the past few months, the Native Species Breeding Program (NSBP) team have been busy creating just the right atmosphere for the couples in the breeding tank to mate. Yep, you can add matchmaker to their very long list of skills!

They’ve closely monitored the temperature and humidity of the room to ensure it was cosy enough for the shy couples to make their move, and all their hard work has paid off! Three clutches of  eggs have been laid with 17 of the eggs being fertile! With the boys still making mating calls to the ladies, our team are hoping more clutches are laid in the coming weeks.

Native to Western Australia, the White-bellied Frog is critically endangered and can only be found in a very small area near Karridale-Witchcliffe, south of Margaret River. 

Perth Zoo is the only Zoo in the world helping to bring these frogs back from the brink of extinction.