It’s just like going to the gym for the animals but they don’t even need to leave home! We are sure you’re familiar with a ‘hamster wheel’ – well it’s a similar concept, but for Perth Zoo's Dibblers.

Where did this idea come from? Joanna Meijer and Yuri Robbers from the Leiden University Medical Centre in Netherlands set up two of these running wheels in the wild. Within the first two years, they saw huge success with many different animals giving them a go – and enjoying it!

We all know that a large percentage of health complications with humans are related to lifestyle. The same goes for animals – exercise is vital!

These Dibbler wheels donated by our lovely Docent volunteers have become an important part of the Dibblers behavioural enrichment program.

The physical activity provided by the wheels helps to improve the general fitness levels of our Dibblers, especially crucial as we prepare them for release in to the wild! It means they leave the Zoo in tip top shape and ready to take on the big wide world!

Keepers say the Dibblers are thoroughly enjoying the wheels – but who wouldn’t enjoy something so fun and new?

Did you know that just the other week with Parks and Wildlife we released 29 to Gunton Island, establishing another wild population of these unique little critters? All part of our commitment to Saving Wildlife!