Doctor’s visit leaves Daku the dingo with a new ‘do! 

Blood tests, radiographs and biopsies were on the cards for 11-year-old Daku  at the Vet Hospital this week. 

The beloved dingo underwent a general anaesthesia to remove some lumps from his flank – you may notice he’s had a little haircut to accommodate a safe and sterile removal!

Perth Zoo Veterinarian, Catherine Binns, said: “Lumps like these are not too unusual for a dingo of Daku’s age, and people may even see them develop on their dogs at home as they reach their golden years. 

“Daku’s loving keepers have kept a close eye on the lumps over the past weeks to determine if they were growing or changing in texture at all. 

“It is likely that these are just fatty lumps associated with normal aging, but we do like to provide gold standard care to the animals at Perth Zoo, so investigated further. 

“Under general anaesthetic, we removed the lumps just to be safe and will send them off for testing.”

This preventative health procedure is a testament to the relationships that keepers work hard to maintain with our animals. 

Thanks to the mutual  trust between the zoo keepers and dingos, both Daku and Mirri get regular hands-on checks to feel for any new lumps, bumps or abrasions that are out of the ordinary. 

During the procedure, Daku was also given a full health examination including blood testing, a check of his ears and teeth, and radiographs to check for arthritis in his joints.  

“We are happy to say he’s looking very healthy for his age, and we did not note any signs of arthritis,” Catherine said. 

After the procedure, Daku was given time to rest and recover before re-joining his sister Mirri.  

If you visit soon, do not be alarmed to see he’s wearing some protective bandages or a haircut. You can rest assured our paw-some boy is doing very well!