Happy birthday to Yowuuuuuuu!

On our dingos’ eighth birthday, here’s a bit of pawsome trivia for you.

Did you know that unlike dogs, dingos howl rather than bark – they descended from wolves and arrived in Australia some 3500–4000 years ago!

On Daku and Mirri’s birthday, I got to join them on one of their daily walks around the Zoo as they interacted with keepers and curious animals from around the world.

Their favourite friends, the meerkats, were on high alert watching the dingoes through the glass of their exhibit. Curious glances from both species were exchanged, but the meerkats seemed nonplussed that it was a special birthday day.

The elegant, ever intelligent Mirri lead the walk as boisterous brother Daku trailed behind. He is the typical annoying brother, a bit of a goof-ball and happy go lucky individual who loves to stretch his legs and check out the sounds and smells of the Zoo.

Top tip: If you’re planning on booking in to join the dingos on one of their walks, they love to smell your breath. This is their way of shaking hands and getting to ‘know’ you, as lovely as this is, you might also get a whiff of quail, mice or cheese, their favourite tasty treats – yum!

To keep the birthday festivities going, join the dingos on a walk.


James – Perth Zoo Media Intern.