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Dinosaurs Roar to Life at Perth Zoo

Life-sized dinosaurs have joined the animals at Perth Zoo to help raise awareness about species extinction.

  • Life-size dinosaur exhibition Zoorassic Park opens to the public
  • Exhibition raises awareness about species extinction and aims to boost tourism

Life-sized dinosaurs have joined the animals at Perth Zoo to help raise awareness about species extinction.

The exhibition, Zoorassic Park which was responsible for record Zoo attendance in 2016, returns with a huge cast of roaring animatronic dinosaurs as part of Perth Zoo’s 120th birthday celebrations.

Zoorassic Park will feature a six metre tall T-Rex which dominates the Zoo’s main lawn, and an 18 metre long Argentinosaurus, the biggest dinosaur to ever be displayed in the Southern Hemisphere.

Just as the living Zoo changes, these prehistoric creatures will change throughout the exhibition. A Zoo membership offers the best value for families to visit multiple times and see the collection evolves.

Zoorassic Park runs from 15 September 2018 – 3 February 2019. 

Comments attributed to Environment Minister Stephen Dawson:

 I am delighted to be here today to officially open Perth Zoo’s Zoorassic Park exhibition.

Zoorassic Park is included in the standard entry ticket to Perth Zoo and tells a very important story about species extinction.

Everyone loves dinosaurs and they share many characteristics with today’s amazing animals, but extinction doesn’t have to be one of them. To understand their story is to understand the need to protect today’s species from the same fate.

Perth Zoo are experts at helping fight extinction having released more than 4000 zoo-bred animals back to the wild.

Within Perth Zoo’s 120th year, Zoorassic Park will help raise awareness of the threats facing our natural world and the vital conservation work the Zoo does.  

In 2016, more than 300,000 people flocked to the Zoo to see the dinosaurs and learn how we can all help save wildlife. We hope for similar success this year, the exhibition is a great example of conservation tourism.  

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