It's a double celebration for us at the moment, we are back open to the public and Puteri our female orangutan turns 50 today!

Puteri is a very special Zoo family member and a Zoo Keeper favourite. She is described as a ‘gentle soul, is very maternal and loves watching human children from her exhibit – she is absolutely delighted to have people back at the Zoo!! When any of our zoologists are pregnant, she’s also been known to gently stroke their growing bellies, almost sharing the pregnancy with them. 

Puteri is our oldest female orangutan and mother to Temara, who made history as the first zoo-born orangutan to be released into the wild in 2006. Puteri’s other daughters, Utama and Teliti still reside within the world renowned Perth Zoo colony. 

50 is a great age for an orangutan. In the wild, female Sumatran Orangutans are critically endangered and would be lucky to reach their late 40s, that’s if they are able to survive the multiple threats to their existence including habitat loss, poaching or avoid being trafficked into the illegal pet trade. It’s a tough life out in the wild, but thanks to the excellent health care, love and safe haven the Zoo provides, today Puti (as we call her) is 50 years young! And we couldn’t be happier.

Perth Zoo is committed to orangutan conservation. Since 2006 Perth Zoo has supported and partnered with Frankfurt Zoological Society who manage the Bukit Tigapuluh ecosystem in Sumatra and orangutan reintroduction program for ex-pet and trafficked orangutans, giving them a second shot at wild life. Through the generous support of the Perth public and staff expertise, Perth Zoo has been able to contribute to the release program and the establishment of wildlife patrols and education programs for local communities.

Over 170 ex-pet and orphaned orangutans have been released into Bukit Tigapuluh jungles.