Otterly adorable Easter fun!

The Easter celebrations have kicked off early at Perth Zoo with the group of Asian small-clawed otters enjoying some egg-stra special enrichment.
Daily enrichment is an important part of our animals’ routines, but this time our clever animal carers served it up with an Easter twist.
Otters are very inquisitive and will explore anything new in their environment with a lot of energy and excitement.  

To celebrate the long weekend, otters were given a special Easter box was filled with delicious fish frozen into an Easter egg shape, and hidden in woodwool for them to sniff and forage through.
In the wild, otters are excellent hunters and will glide along the surface of the water in search of food, before catching prey with their front paws and eating their meal on the land.

These frozen ‘Easter eggs’ encouraged them to use their natural instincts to problem solve and melt the ice for the tasty reward inside.
And after enjoying the treats, the woodwool was used in their nest boxes for them to enjoy a well-earned nap.

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You might be able to catch a glimpse of other animals enjoying special Easter enrichment over the holiday period.