Mini-moustached monkeys are the latest arrivals at Perth Zoo, which is experiencing a baby boom at the moment!

Perth Zoo’s Emperor Tamarin family are taking turns babysitting their new and adorably cute family members.

Pictured on the backs of their older siblings, the twin youngsters were born to breeding pair, father, ‘Javier’ and mother, ‘Eemmee’ on 16 April, but are now much more visible to Zoo visitors.

Currently our Zoo Keepers are giving the tamarins extra space to adjust to the new additions, so we don’t know if they are male or female, but this will be determined when they have their first hands on veterinary check at 6 to 12 months of age.

The species which are found in the south-west Amazon Basin are under threat in the wild due to logging of their natural habitats, so zoos around the world work together to coordinate their breeding to help reverse their decline.

It’s always really exciting to have a new Perth Zoo family member, but when it is an animal that is part of a globally managed breeding program, it makes it all the more special!

Dad originally came from the Netherlands and Mum was from NSW, making this family truly multicultural.

Emperor Tamarins are famous for their impressive moustaches and named after the German Emperor Wilhelm II, who sported one very impressive handlebar moustache! The babies are already sporting some stubble, but it will take some time to grow the recognisable facial hair that both the males and females exhibit.

And although their white whiskers make them look old and wise, the Emperor Tamarins are a favourite with Zoo visitors due to their juvenile agility. They’re often seen partaking in cheeky primate pursuits, leaping through the trees or foraging for insects and tasty treats.

The infant tamarins are just a couple of the many baby animals that can be seen at the Zoo at the moment.

A baby boom is making Perth Zoo resemble a mini animal crèche with other new arrivals including ‘Kamili’ the giraffe calf, 'Suli' an endangered tree kangaroo joey, 'Tenzing' a red panda cub and four otter-ly adorable otter pups who are still snuggled up in the nest box, but expected to start popping out soon!