It’s the season of love and we have the perfect location to impress your Valentine! Here are five reasons why you should have your next date at Perth Zoo.

1. We are an exotic oasis just minutes away from the city

You don’t have to travel far to escape to a lush and unique environment. A date at the Zoo will make you and your significant other feel like you are on holiday. Take a mini trip around the world by visiting our African Savannah and Asian Rainforest or enjoy a more secluded stroll through our Rainforest Retreat!Image of otters

2. There are countless opportunities for the pawfect Insta-worthy photo 

Forget those generic couple images and make your followers jealous! Include your favourite animal in the background, take advantage of our beautiful trees and plants or have fun with one of our life-like animal sculptures – Gorilla, Kangaroo, Galapagos Tortoise, take your pick (and your pic)!

3. Make your dates a little wilder

Most of us can barely remember the long list of cafes we have frequented for dates, but a coffee at the Zoo is truly unforgettable! Bring your keep cups and enjoy your caffeine hit while strolling the grounds of the Zoo together. Or if you really want to plan something special, check out our Animal Close Encounters; make memories while meeting some of our animals up-close.  Image of a Tammar wallaby

4. The pickup puns

Worried about awkward silence? There are a variety of animal themed pickup puns you can test out on your date – ‘I just wallaby with you’, ‘I’m not lion when I say I love you’ or ‘I just can’t bear to bee without ewe!’…Hmm, that last one might be a bit much! Puns aside, you can also learn from some of the best romancers in the animal kingdom.

5. Finally, we have you covered if you haven’t made plans for Valentine’s Day!

Ditch the last-minute dinner reservation and instead, be serenaded under the stars together at our new after-hours Zoocoustics event with some of the best up-and-coming WA musicians. There are not too many concert venues where you might hear animals joining in the chorus…and we are the only place in Perth where you could hear lionesses and lemurs roaring. Tres romantique!  

Melissa Leo- Perth Zoo Media and Communications Officer