Put your happy feet on, Sunday 25 April is World Penguin Day! To celebrate just how amazing penguins are, here are four flippin’ fun Little Penguin facts!

1. Stylish and practical 

Whilst we might consider the tuxedo a glamourous outfit reserved only for special occasions, for Little Penguins their naturally stylish appearance serves one vital purpose – camouflage. Their dark blue feathers help conceal them from predators above, such as sea eagles and other birds of prey. The white feathers on their under-body helps to hide them from ocean predators, such as seals and sharks. 

2. Smallest of the species

The Little Penguin might be the biggest on the adorable scale but they’re actually the smallest out of the 17 penguin species. The Emperor Penguin is the tallest, reaching heights up to 110cm whilst the Little Penguin is miniature in comparison, stretching to 43cm in height. 

3. Hit Refresh

Once a year Little Penguins will go through a moult which can take about fifteen days. During this time, they’re unable to venture out to sea where they can frolic and hunt for food because they have lost their waterproofing. So instead, they head to their burrows and conserve their energy. 

4. Deep divers

Don’t expect to bump into a Little Penguin on your next scuba dive. The maximum dive depth of a Little Penguin is about 60 metres, which is twice the deep dive depth of a recreational scuba diver. 

Be sure to waddle into the Little Penguin exhibit the next time you’re at the Zoo and say hello! Keeper tip: every day at 11:15am you can watch us feed the penguins!