Here’s five unbearably cool facts about Sun Bears that’ll leave you clawing for more!

Looooooong tongues
A Sun Bear’s tongue can protrude up to 25cm -  that’s nearly the length of your ruler!
Their tongues are designed to extract tasty food morsels from inside tree logs and crevices.

No long winter snooze
Unlike other bear species, Sun Bears do not hibernate. That’s because they have access to food all year round!


Sun Bears are beary good climbers! They love to climb trees and nap up high in the sunshine.


Clawing for snacks
A bear’s long, curved claws are helpful for digging insects out from inside tree logs or even termite mounds to eat. 

Sunny in both looks and name
Sun Bears are named for the beautiful yellow markings on their chest. It’s a little different for each bear but looks similar to a yellow rising sun.