They’re some of the rarest apes in the world, so it’s no surprise that when it comes to protecting these endangered species – we’re gibbon it our all!

Perth Zoo is home to two of the most endangered gibbon species in the world, the Northern White-cheeked gibbon and Javan Gibbon.
International Gibbon Day is a great opportunity to reflect on the important work that we’re doing to help these species.

Our Primate Keepers are world experts in gibbon care and are constantly sharing their knowledge and expertise in husbandry with other zoos. They also directly contribute to conservation work in Vietnam.
This year, our primate team coordinated two new zoos joining the White-cheeked Gibbon Program.
We also play gibbon matchmaker, and help to create new loved up couple and potential breeding pairs to increase the genetic diversity of gibbons Australasia.
Perth Zoo is one of only 14 zoos globally caring for the endangered Javan gibbon.

The international program for this species is coordinated by Perth Zoo staff. So when we say we’re world experts, we really are. Our team work with zoos all over the world to help keep this species alive for future generations.
Be sure to check out our gorgeous gibbons next time you visit Perth Zoo.
Happy International Gibbon Day!