We have some very exciting news to share with you all - our two female giraffe, Ellie and Kitoto are both pregnant! 

Yep, Armani the tall and handsome stud has not only won the heart of Kitoto (again!) but has proven himself to also be the perfect mate for Ellie (such the Casanova!). We’re not exactly sure when the love-birds made their respective relationships official, but we’re now excitedly expecting the pitter-patter of two giraffe calves hooves around September this year!

This will be the third bundle of joy for Kitoto, who is the mum of Kamili (now in New Zealand) and our young male Inkosi. Ellie will be a first-time mum (exciting!) and will have the best motherhood role-model in Kitoto.

The pending births of two calves is cause for much excitement. Giraffes have experienced a 40% population decline in the last 30 years, so we’re very proud to be a part of the regional breeding program to ensure these majestic creatures remain on our planet for future generations. 

Stay tuned on our social media and website for pregnancy progress updates!