From tiger toothaches to feathered fractures, no two days are the same for our Vets!

Caring for more than 130 native and exotic species is no mean feat, but it’s all in a day’s work for a vet at Perth Zoo.

Today on World Vet Day, we’re saying THANK YOU to the incredible people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to keep our animals happy and healthy.

Our vets and their teams are responsible for delivering outstanding medical treatment for more than 1500 animals that call Perth Zoo home.

They perform preventative health checks, ensure each animal has a balanced and nutritious diet, develop individual healthcare plans and more.

Plus, this first-class care extends beyond our Perth Zoo residents, with hundreds of wild animals coming into our Veterinary Hospital for life-saving treatment each year.

Our Vets are more than just animal doctors. They are passionate advocates for conservation who go above and beyond.

Whether that’s helping raise new animal babies, supporting wildlife in times of natural disasters, or carrying out critical conservation research.

Unlike other jobs, a career in animal care doesn’t always work within business hours of 9 – 5. So it’s not unusual for the hospital to be busy well into the night, while our teams give round-the-clock care to animals in need.

From fluffy mammals to scaly reptiles, the largest birds to the smallest amphibians, all creatures receive the same quality care from our superheroes in scrubs!

So while our animal residents can’t say thank you for all the hard work done by a Perth Zoo vet, we can. 
Happy World Vet Day and thank you to all the hardworking vets!

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As is common with older big cats, our Sumatran Tiger had a troublesome toothache! Perth Zoo and Animalius veterinary teams joined forces to remove the painful pearly white, performing a thorough health check at the same time.
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