Make small changes for a big impact this World Wetlands Day!

Nearly half of the world’s species live or breed in wetlands, that’s why it’s so important we work together to keep them healthy. 

At a grassroots level, if we all commit to making small changes to our daily lives, we can collectively make a big difference to wetlands. 

Here’s a few easy things you can do to help wetlands thrive. 

Don’t be a litter bug
Rubbish has a way of finding it’s way to our waterways and wetlands. Make sure you properly dispose of all your litter. Go the extra mile and pick up any stray bits of rubbish you might see when visiting your local wetland. 

Mind your pets
Keep dogs on leashes and cats indoors. Cats are excellent hunters and can prey upon native species living in wetlands, and dogs can be destructive to the plant life and substrates.

Keep your furry friends in check to ensure your local wetland can thrive in peace!

Use water-friendly products
When gardening, try and limit your use of chemicals like fertilizers or pesticides. Swap them out for organic products instead! This helps reduce any chemicals from soaking through to groundwater and into the wetlands.