Did you know there’s more to a Perth Zoo membership than unlimited Zoo entry, exclusive member-only offers and discounts? When you’re a Perth Zoo member you become part of our wider Zoo family and help us continue the vital work we do, together – here’s how:

1. Help feed and care for the animal residents – minus the food prep

From the creepy crawlies, the otter-ly adorable and the tall and majestic – we’re home to 1,500 wonderful animal residents - which is also a lot of hungry mouths to feed. In fact, it costs us approximately $500,000 every single year to feed the animals at the Zoo! Bakari and Memphis the rhinos munch through more than $11,00 worth of hay a year! 

By becoming a Zoo Member, you not only have unlimited entry to Zoo to see all your animal friends whenever you want (yes!) but you’re actually helping us look after and feed them – and you don’t even have to cook (bonus!)

2. Support Vital Breed-for-Release Programs – without heading out field

Your once off membership payment allows us to play matchmaker and lace up our boots and head out into the wild several times a year to release endangered and critically endangered species. Since 1992, more than 4,000 zoo-bred or reared animals have been released into protected wild habitat to help secure a future for species on the brink. This includes West Australian native animals including the Numbat, Western Swamp Tortoise and Dibbler. 

Feel good every single day of the year knowing that your membership dollars are helping boost the wild populations of endangered animals right in your backyard! 

3. Maintain a Historic Botanical Garden – without getting your hands dirty

Did you know that Perth Zoo was the very first Botanical Garden in Perth!? In fact, Perth Zoo’s founder Mr Le Souef and the Perth Zoo’s first Head Gardener, Henry Steedman, spent a lot of time carefully planning the Zoo’s garden, being sure to include not only rare flora but also critically endangered plant species. But don’t worry - you don’t need to get your hands dirty helping us keep the gardens looking lush, your membership covers that 😉

So what are you waiting for? Become a Perth Zoo member today!