This World Water Day we’re sharing seven tips to help you save water at home!

As a conservation-focused Zoo, we’re committed to making small changes to reduce our impact on the environment. You can be an ambassador for sustainability too! Try implementing some of these small actionable changes in your everyday life.

  1. Reduce your shower time
Try setting a timer or only showering for the length of a 4-minute song. Reducing your shower time will help save water and significantly decrease your household's overall consumption.
  1. Fix leaking taps
Identify and repair leaks in your household. Sometimes leaks can be tricky to find, hidden in a wall or even underground. The Water Corporation has a useful online tool that can be used to detect if a leak is present.
  1. Water your garden wisely
Only water your garden when needed – it doesn’t need as much water as you may think! Watering your garden on your allocated watering days and ensuring a sprinkler timer is set will help put a stop to overwatering and keep your garden healthy.
  1. Build a rain garden
What’s better than watering your garden yourself? Allowing nature to do the work for you! Build a rain garden in a low area of your garden to capture rainfall. It will temporarily hold and soak in rainwater, and it still looks great!
  1. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth
This one explains itself! When cleaning your teeth avoid leaving the tap on. Saving just two minutes of running water twice a day can quickly add up to a huge saving!
  1. Use your dishwasher for full loads only
Only use your dishwasher once it is completely full. Starting a new cycle every time you have a few dirty dishes wastes a massive amount of water. Better yet, skip the dishwasher altogether and handwash those few dishes in the kitchen sink.
  1. Keep your water bottle in the fridge
Are you guilty of running the tap until the water turns cold? Keeping a cold bottle of water in the fridge not only saves time by allowing you to grab cold water instantly, but it also prevents you from becoming a water waster!

Every small change makes a BIG difference. By saving water, we can protect our wetlands and ensure our wildlife continues to thrive!