South American Red-rumped Agouti arrive at Perth Zoo!

Say hello to Perth Zoo’s newest animal residents – two adorable Red-rumped Agouti!

Agouti are a small, dainty and very unique South American rodent species.

They have a neutral brown coat – and as the name suggests – a red rump that can flare up to look fearsome and ward off threats! 

After spending some time behind-the-scenes getting to know their keepers, our pair of Agouti are now ready to make their public debut. 

The pair, a male and female, have moved into the Zoo’s Primate Trail with some small monkey friends, mimicking the ecosystem they would have in the wild. 

Known as forest-dwellers, Agouti use their powerful hearing to track the ‘plop’ of ripe fruit hitting the forest floors. If they reach the food first, they gobble it quickly, turning it over in their small nimble paws.

Now that they are settled, these fuzzy butts need names!  
Keepers have narrowed down a list for the two animals but are asking for the public’s help to choose the perfect ones.
Animal-lovers can vote for their favourite name here with each entry going into the draw to WIN a family pass to the Zoo.