Perth Zoo vets and specialists recently performed a gastroscopy for a Spotted Hyaena with tummy troubles!

As natural scavengers, hyaenas have a strong and unique digestive system that allows them to eat all parts of an animal – meat, skin and bone included.

However, our dedicated animal carers had cause for concern when 15-year-old Sabi was seen heaving up some of his meals. 

Under general anaesthetic, the Perth Zoo vet team with help from a veterinary anaesthetist and a veterinary internal medicine specialist, performed a gastroscopy on Sabi.

The exploratory procedure allowed the team to visually examine his gastrointestinal system and also collect internal biopsies for testing.  

But thankfully, this Hyaena is still laughing!

The thorough testing did not reveal anything sinister, just a mild case of gastritis.

Keepers and vets will continue to monitor Sabi’s eating habits and implement a nutritional plan to ensure his tummy stays in tip-top shape. 

Perth Zoo is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of each and every animal in our care. Sabi’s story is a testament to the efforts and expertise of our hardworking animal carers.