In the wee hours of this morning, a new croc rocked into Perth Zoo!

Our snappiest new family member is a large four metre male Estuarine Crocodile named Dangalabba, which means crocodile in the language of the Larrakia people, the traditional owners of the land and waters around Darwin, his original hatching place.

Dangalabba is a rescue crocodile who has lived at a crocodile farm in Broome for many years after being removed from Darwin Harbour by wildlife officers who were concerned about public safety. He is estimated to be approximately 35 – 42 years of age and is described as a ‘big boy’ in the prime of his life. 

Dangalabba’s move to Perth was no small feat. It was planned to precision and involved a climate-controlled truck to keep the crocodile as happy and comfortable as possible, whilst a roster of truck drivers drove continuously so we could complete the 2000km+ journey quickly and safely. 

After getting out of his transport crate, Dangalabba checked out his new pool (heated to a toasty 27 degrees) and has been able to stretch his reptilian legs in his new palatial home at Perth Zoo! Over the next few weeks, he will be settling into his new home and getting used to city life, so he might be a bit shy. But be patient, we know when you do see him, you will definitely smile at our new crocodile!

Welcome Dangalabba!