Perth Zoo’s elderly Asian Elephant, Tricia, turned 63-years-old today.

The much-loved matriarch celebrated her birthday with two jumbo cakes made by her Zoo keepers.
Zoo staff, volunteers and visitors gathered on the main lawn and elephant amphitheatre to see Tricia enjoying her cakes made from frozen bran and fruit.
Senior Elephant Keeper, Kirsty Carey, said: “Tricia is a true Perth icon and we are not surprised that so many people wanted to spend her birthday with her.”  
“Tricia is one of the oldest animals at Perth Zoo and at 63-years-old, is also one of the oldest elephants in human care in the world.”
Earlier this year Tricia was even honoured with a Transperth ferry named after her, the MV Tricia.
“Now that Tricia is in her twilight years, we are grateful for every day we get to care for her and love celebrating this amazing animal with the Perth community.”
“I’ve shared many treasured moments as Tricia’s keeper over the last sixteen years and I’ve seen the impact she has on the people meeting her, she has moved many of them to tears.”
Asian elephants have six sets of teeth in their lifetime and Tricia is on her final set. Her health and welfare are the top priority for her six dedicated zoo keepers who work hard to ensure she is kept comfortable in her senior years.
“Tricia has slowed down over the years, but to help alleviate age related strains she regularly receives deep tissue massages with an equine massage therapy pad,” Kirsty said.
“In the colder weather we have a specially designed blanket to keep her toasty warm on her walks.”
Tricia arrived at Perth Zoo in January 1963 from Ho Chi Minh City via Singapore. She shares her exhibit with female elephant Permai and bull elephant, Putra Mas lives in a separate exhibit close by.
“Tricia and our other two elephants have been incredible ambassadors for their endangered species,” Kirsty said.

“Wild Asian Elephants are threatened by habitat destruction and poaching for the ivory trade.”
Funds raised from Perth Zoo’s elephant artwork and experiences help protect valuable habitat for critically endangered Sumatran Elephants in the wild.