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Jumbo sized birthday celebrations for Tricia the Asian Elephant

Jumbo sized celebrations are planned for Saturday 24th January as Tricia, Perth Zoo’s Asian Elephant matriarch celebrates her 58th birthday.

Tricia’s dedicated Keepers will be treating her to a giant birthday cake made of bran and fruit and are encouraging people to join in the celebrations at the Perth Zoo’s Elephant Amphitheatre at 1:45pm.

 Senior Elephant Keeper, Kirsty Carey said: “Tricia is definitely a favourite for the staff at Perth Zoo, but she is also a Perth icon. “

 “So many people have childhood memories featuring Tricia.”

 “Being such a gentle giant with an easy going nature and great sense of humour, she makes people smile on a daily basis. I’ve even heard her referred to as a ‘Perthanality’!”

 “I certainly feel very privileged to work alongside such a wonderful animal and care for her in her twilight years,” said Kirsty.

 Now in the latter years of life, Tricia has started to show her age.

 “Elephants go through six sets of teeth through their lifetime and Tricia is on her last set. And just like humans she has started to slow down a bit and has a little less hair,” said Kirsty.

 “To help with some age related niggles, Tricia receives deep tissue massages daily with the assistance of an equine massage pad therapy.”   

 “In the warmer weather Tricia also has access to a mud wallow, a swimming pool and sometimes at night chooses to sleep outside under the stars rather than in her barn.   She also has regular walks around the Zoo to keep up her fitness level. 

 To celebrate Tricia’s birthday with the Perth community, a range of elephant activities will be taking place throughout Saturday including:

  • 11:15am – Tricia gets her massage;
  • 12:15 – Tricia shows off her artistic skills creating artwork which can be purchased in the Zoo shop to support wild elephant conservation project;
  • 1:45pm – Tricia gets her birthday cake at the Elephant Amphitheatre.

 This momentous birthday makes Tricia one of the oldest Asian Elephants being cared for by zoos in Australia.

  • Tricia first arrived in Perth from Singapore in 1963;
  • She is the longest resident of Perth Zoo
  • She is named after the 1963 Miss Australia Tricia Reschke;
  • Favourite foods include watermelons, & bananas
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