Male Koala Slater recently received some top koala-ty care at the vet hospital, giving him scent-sational relief.

Hold on to your gum leaves, folks, because we've got some fascinating news to share about Slater the koala!

Our 12-year-old male koala recently had his annual health check at the Zoo's veterinary hospital, and things got a little gross to say the least.


As part of his check-up, the veterinarians gave Slater's scent gland, located in the centre of his chest, a thorough cleaning.

You might be wondering, what's the big deal about a scent gland? Well, let's just say it's like a koala's version of cologne.

Male koalas have a gland that produces a strong-smelling oily substance, and they use it to communicate with other koalas. It's like their personal signature.

But, just like with any grooming routine, sometimes things can get a little backed up. Slater's gland had a bit of a "discharge dilemma" with clogged pores, but luckily the vet team cleared it out in a jiffy, giving "scent-sational" relief!

But that's not all that went down during Slater's check-up. He received top “koala-ty” care with the vets also doing some other important tests.

They included nasal swabs to check for Cryptococcus (and the results were negative), x-rays, blood tests, and even a dental check.

Speaking of teeth, did you know that koalas have some serious dental game?

With their sharp front teeth, they're like the "leaf ninjas" of the animal kingdom, nipping leaves from trees with precision.

And their back teeth are specially shaped for cutting and grinding the leaves to get all the juicy nourishment.

Slater was given a clean bill of health and was returned to his habitat in the Australian Bushwalk, where he could join his fellow tree-huggers, Wanda and Mia.