Remember Koorah? Last year, this adorable Western Ring-tail possum made history after undergoing what is believed to be the world’s first cataract surgery for the species. 

This procedure aimed to restore the critter’s sight after he sustained injuries from a dog attack in the wild and was left with a painful ulcer. 

Cloudy and sore, the ulcer had progressed and medical attention was quickly taken by Perth Zoo vets, in collaboration with veterinary ophthalmologists. 

This week, Koorah had a visit from the clever vets who performed the surgery, and we are thrilled to say he’s made an excellent recovery and is back navigating his home in the nocturnal house, 

Perth Zoo Acting Senior Veterinarian Rebecca Vaughan-Higgins said: “We have been conducting regular check-ups on Koorah to see how his eye has been progressing and we are very pleased with the outcome.

“Luckily Koorah is an excellent patient and is happy to munch on some snacks while we administer eye drops, measure his eye pressure and closely examine his eye.

“There have been no signs of infection, and the changes in his vision have not impacted his mobility or quality of life – he’s still a very active, curious and healthy possum.”

Koorah now lives in the sanctuary of Perth Zoo’s Nocturnal House where he receives the very best care. 

Unfortunately, many native animals become victims of attacks in their native habitats. While Koorah’s story is one of success, sadly not all have happy endings. 

With fewer than 8000 Western Ring-tail Possums in the wild, each animal saved makes a big difference to the conservation of the species.  

Please help us by sharing this story and being a responsible pet owner so that our unique wildlife are always safe in their native habitat.